Floating Stone offers beauty in many forms:

The Obvious – Sartorial and Iconic Statement pieces

Floating Stone presents inspired design and luxurious loveliness in an accessory line made from hand loomed silk and salvaged textiles. Each piece is created with conspicuous quality and contemporary innovation.    SHOP

The Subtle – Floating Stone works behind the scenes in workshops and villages to support sustainable ways of working and life.

All of the talented and creative producers behind Floating Stone’s accessories subscribe to fair trade practices in their businesses. They also offer training and many other resources for their highly skilled tailors and workshop staff. Together we find ways to improve local food security, village advocacy, health issues and income streams, including the revitalization of village silk production.    LEARN

The Provocative – We want to excite and engage you to find out more about the people who make our beautiful accessories. Come and visit their world with us.

Listen to the song of the loom and hear the rice growing. See beautiful jewellery made out of salvaged bombshells in small workshops. Find treasure in chaotic salvaged fabric markets. Witness the grace of shy smiles in peaceful weaving villages.home-2

We can show you a part of Asia that few will ever know . Join us on the trip of a life time.    GO