Floating Stone Silks has been creating, supporting, generating and advocating for fair, sustainable trade and business between silk creators and silk buyers around the world since 2009.

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The Floating Stone Story

Lynda Drury – Owner and creator of Floating Stone Enterprises Floating Stone’s Start Up Floating Stone Silks was written in my heart and Cambodia was calling. I had enjoyed a reasonably comfortable career teaching at a local Community College and consulting on Community Development contracts. And then the universe stepped in. I lost my College work to cut backs. It was time to “reinvent myself” as the saying goes. Travels, working with textiles (silk in... Click here to read more

Our Ethics & Values

From buying through selling Floating Stone Enterprises is about people, building relationships and community. We live in a global community but we seldom have the opportunity to understand much about the lives of the people who work very long hours for very little money to bring us beauty and adornment. Floating Stone believes that fashion is fun and can be a fantastic opportunity to share with others. We offer silk products that are unique, original... Click here to read more

Importing from the Heart

Silk Stories from Southeast Asia – Importing from the Heart (with revisions May 09) Oh what relief! We have found a dusty junction with a grubby little roadside stand and hooray, bottled water. My daughter and I have been walking, stumbling and muttering, for over an hour under the Cambodian tropical sun in search of drinking water. We are greeted by curious children and barely noticed by really tired dogs. Almost immediately three women appear... Click here to read more

Care of Your Silks

Avoid The things that damage silk are high heats, exposure to bright light, perspiration and wringing during washing. The Most Practical Laundering Solution for Silk Gently hand wash each item separately in cold water using a good quality shampoo or washing soap (no detergent) for fine washables. Avoid wringing or squeezing the silk as this will break down the fibers and can create permanent wrinkles. Rinse well and roll in a towel to soak up... Click here to read more

About Our Products

Floating Stone works primarily with silk and upcycled fabrics. You will find a variety of weights and types of fabric, each appropriate to the fashion task assigned to them. The tailoring that goes into these products is exceptional with excellent quality hardware and zippers. Silks The silks we use are all hand woven and have the occasional characteristic slubs (bumpy silk clusters and markings in the weave) of cloth that is not mechanically produced. The... Click here to read more

Slow Fashion & Floating Stone’s Accessories

Floating Stone is proud to be part of the growing slow fashion movement.  We are putting our products into the marketplace with a deep respect for the people who hand weave the silks, construct and sew the items and share their way of life with us.  Floating Stone works with small production workshops, and family run enterprises. Workers are paid fairly and some are provided with healthy home cooked meals, accommodation, occasional health care, holidays... Click here to read more

How to Order

RETAIL Our Retail store is here: We are regularly changing and updating our product line and although we do our best to keep the storefront up-to-date, sometimes it is not possible to include every single new item. If you are not seeing a product that you believe we have, please phone us (250 338-4747) for current style and colour selections or for stores near you that carry Floating Stone Silks. We will happily send you photos... Click here to read more