Care of Your Silks


The things that damage silk are high heats, exposure to bright light, perspiration and wringing during washing.

The Most Practical Laundering Solution for Silk

Gently hand wash each item separately in cold water using a good quality shampoo or washing soap (no detergent) for fine washables. Avoid wringing or squeezing the silk as this will break down the fibers and can create permanent wrinkles. Rinse well and roll in a towel to soak up excess water. Drip dry away from sunlight and direct heat. Do not machine dry. Iron when slightly damp with iron set on a cooler temperature.
Washing silk will soften it and sometimes this is a good thing, but washing too often will break down the fibers and your scarf will become limp. This is especially the case with raw silk. Dry cleaning is a better option for retaining strong fiber quality

Use Cold Water to Preserve Dyes

During laundering the dye may run during the first few washings. The fibers are saturated with dye to allow for maximum absorption and the excess gets washed out after the dying process. There is almost always some excess remaining that gets released when you use water to wash your scarf. Your colours will stay true as long as you do not use hot or warm water. If your silk has many colours in it, it is advisable to wash and rinse quickly in cold water or dry clean.

For silk purses and bags, before using, you can spray with Scotch GardTM according to the directions on the can. This will help prevent spotting, marking and general dirt buildup. Some customers have mentioned that spraying with Scotch Gard can dull the luster of the silk. We do not take back any products that have been treated with any protective spray or cleaners. Do not spot wash as this can lift dye and leave a bigger mess. Dry cleaning is recommended for silk purses and bags.

Many of Floating Stone’s silk products have uneven edges, slubs (small lumps of raw silk) and texture that are characteristic of the hand woven process. These are not flaws. This is one of the ways you can tell the difference between mechanically-processed silk and hand work.