Our Ethics & Values

From buying through selling Floating Stone Enterprises is about people, building relationships and community. We live in a global community but we seldom have the opportunity to understand much about the lives of the people who work very long hours for very little money to bring us beauty and adornment. Floating Stone believes that fashion is fun and can be a fantastic opportunity to share with others.

We offer silk products that are unique, original designs of exceptional quality.

We only purchase from suppliers that are small scale business enterprises, cottage industries and self help organizations.

We buy from businesses that are working to enhance the well being of others and are contributors to their communities.

We seek to form long lasting business and personal relationships with suppliers and customers to enhance the trade experience for each person in the chain of exchange.

We work together with producers to ensure that the western demand for high quality can be met and we seek to understand what our producers need in order to meet those demands. We are committed to a reciprocal process where we both learn about each other’s situations.

We only purchase products that are made through non-exploitive means.

We ensure that people employed by our producers are paid fairly, provided with holidays, nutritious food, choices and respect.

We explain to our customers some of the difficulties and hardships that exist for our suppliers. We seek to have them understand that dye lots vary and hand work means irregularities in the product.

We are committed to reflection on what is working, what is not and how to work more effectively at creating a better business model that is good for all the people it embraces.